A must-have for SCOM users: Dashboards by Savision by MIcrosoft MVP Marius Sandbu

Have you ever tried working with the Web Console in Operations Manager? It has not been widely adopted since (like most of the System Center web components) it relies on Silverlight, which is slowly being phased out by Microsoft. There are many Microsoft partners that have seen that there is a gap to fill here and Dashboards by Savision was created to fill this gap.

Savison is a Microsoft partner that has focused on creating extensions on top of Operations Manager, with Live Maps Unity being their flagship product.

Earlier this month, Savision released their new solution Dashboards by Savision (which can be download for free here) which is an extension to Operations Manager allowing you to view and create HTML5 dashboards.

The product is pretty simple to setup since it only requires a web server (IIS) to run on. This could be the same web server running the Operations Manager web console, if you are using it. Other than that, there are the regular requirements of:

  • System Center Operations Manager 2012+
  • IIS 7.5+ o ASP.NET 4.5 feature
    • All features under Application Development
    • Existing web site
    • Network

The setup process is as easy as 1-2-3. First choose what kind of IIS setup you want.

To continue reading the blogpost written by MVP Marius Sandbu, and to check out all the screenshots, click here.

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