5 Top Questions about SCOM + OMS

With all the debate around SCOM and OMS, the common belief is that OMS is competing against SCOM. It raises questions like is OMS SCOM in the cloud, or are they both doing the same thing?

Download Savision’s eBook, written in collaboration with Microsoft MVPs Dieter Wijckmans and Thomas Maurer to learn what the experts have to say, and find out the answers to the 5 top questions about SCOM and OMS.

The eBook features the 5 top questions that we have come across regarding SCOM and OMS:

1- What is OMS?

2- Is OMS replacing System Center?

3- What are the main differences between SCOM and OMS?

4- Do you still need SCOM?

5- How can I get better insights from SCOM + OMS?

You can download the eBook here: https://goo.gl/iPA2re

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