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If you’re one of the few who has seen my last blog posts about my SCOM weather management pack, you have probably figured that I am a bit too much in to the weather.
Along side the weather management pack I looked in to getting the same type of data in to Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) and the Log analytics part of it. I knew that OMS has a REST api that supports sending data without having to use any agents and i figured that’s perfect for my little weather study.

For around three weeks ago I took bits an pieces from my weather MP and made a powershell script that could output Json which is used in MSOMS API. On TechNet Brian Wren has written a guide on how to get started using the Data Collector API – I grabbet the already created functions and adapted those in to my script, placed it in Azure Automation and forgot the whole thing until last friday where i created a view for some of the data and posted it on Twitter

Community chief, Cameron Fuller reached out an told me he worked on the same thing. I contacted him by email and we exchanged our scripts and he shared some tips as well.

Enough with the history. The script we created have the ability to get weather data from (norwegian site) and openweathermap. was what i used for SCOM, and OpenWeather was something Cameron was looking in to. There API’s are different, but OK to work with.

Setting the script together

The script has four functions two of them are from technet, and is required to get an autorization key, and the other one to send the data. These are well documented so i will go through the ones who get the data and how it ties together.


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