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  • Day 42: Setting up a Chef Workstation

    In last week’s post, Getting Started with Chef, we demonstrated how to setup a Chef Server, this week we’ll go over how to setup a Chef Workstation on Ubuntu 12.04. Any queries or changes to your Chef Environment will be done from a Chef Workstation. Chef has recently released a new collection of Development Tools […]

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  • Clean Up SMA Database After a Module Deletion

    Background I noticed an issue while I was writing a SMA integration module. I once made an mistake in the .json file and I noticed I couldn’t import the updated module back to SMA even after I firstly deleted the old version. I’ll explain this issue using a sample dummy module. Reproducing The Issue To […]

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  • Using sed and grep in PowerShell

    If you aren’t familiar with sed and grep you may want to stop reading here. If you are and this is bringing Unix flashbacks, you should read on. I started my career on Unix systems and quickly found that grep and sed were just part of getting the job done and I ended up using […]

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  • Day 40: Troubleshooting PowerShell DSC Failures with the DSC Windows Event Logs

    Welcome to Day 40 of the “100 Days of DevOps with PowerShell”! For background on our goals in this series, see Announcing the “100 Days of Devops with PowerShell” Series here at SCC. Today, I am going to call attention to a simple, but powerful bit of information that will help you troubleshoot issues when PowerShell […]

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  • Day 39: Injecting a Start-up Script Into an AWS Instance Using User Data

    Welcome to Day 39 of the “100 Days of DevOps with PowerShell”! For background on our goals in this series, see Announcing the “100 Days of Devops with PowerShell” Series here at SCC. Whenever you deploy a new server, workstation or virtual machine there is nearly always a requirement to make final changes to the […]

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A list of terms associated with private, public and hybrid cloud computing models. Advertising-based pricing model – A pricing model whereby services are offered...

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In development, this page is intended as a centralized resources for Microsoft Server 2012 Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) resources on System Center Central and...

Operations Manager 2012 Command Shell

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This page is intended to serve as a reference for the System Center 2012 – Operations Manager Command Shell (OpsMgr), including technical information, sample...

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Management Pack Guides for Windows Operating System Technologies Active Directory Certificate Services Management Pack GuideActive Directory Management Pack GuideActive Directory Federation Services 2.0 Management...


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