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  • And now one more report for Service Request with SLA details

    October 2014 is a month of the SCSM reporting. Adding one more piece to the jigsaw puzzle of the Service Manager 2012, we’ve created and published a new report for Service Requests with the information about the SLO instance’s durations. Does it really matter? For instance, if a ticket had been created on Friday and then […]

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  • The BlueStripe Performance Center for Microsoft System Center

    BlueStripe Software made a major announcement today – The BlueStripe Performance Center for Microsoft System Center. We’ve been working with Microsoft for a couple years now, using our capabilities for automatic discovery and mapping of distributed applications to populate the distributed application function in System Center. Today’s announcement introduces a whole new level of application-based […]

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  • ReSearch This KB – APM Data Transfer Health

    Alert: APM Data Transfer Health Management Pack Name: Operations Manager APM Infrastructure Management Pack Version: 7.1.10226.0 (or probably any version) Rule or Monitor? Monitor Rule or Monitor Name: APM Data Transfer Health Rule or Monitor Notes The instance state becomes unhealthy when an error is detected on the Management Server when it is performing Data […]

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  • Day 57: Chef: a simple Recipe and Cookbook for Windows

    In last week’s post, Bootstrapping the Chef Client onto a Windows Host, we demonstrated how to deploy the Chef Client onto Windows Server 2012 R2. This week, we are going to get started with a sample Chef recipe for Windows. Please note that you can use a Domain Account to complete the walk-through below; however, the account must have […]

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  • Using PowerShell and OpsMgr SDK to Get and Set Management Group Default settings

    Over the last couple of days, I have written few additional functions in the OpsMgrSDK PowerShell / SMA module that I’ve been working on over the last few months. Two of these functions are: Get-MGDefaultSettings – Get ALL default settings of an OpsMgr 2012 (R2) management group Set-MGDefaultSetting – Set any particular MG default setting […]

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